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Going Into 2018 With Good Vibes & Gratitude

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new year blog post 2018

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to take a moment to get one last blog post in before the year runs out! This year has been a roller coaster, no doubt. Most notably, uprooting our entire operation in the Summer from Las Vegas, Nevada to our beautiful new home in Eagle River, Alaska. 

We've taken a lot of leaps of faith over these past 12 months, and we're happy to say that it's paid off immensely! With your help, we've grown our proud little brand by 1000% (1003% if we're being honest!) this year alone. 

I personally wanted to just take a moment to thank each and every one of you that gave us a shot, and helped us spread the word about WLKR Threads to friends and family. We don't have a marketing budget, we don't have an office full of sharply dressed business execs, or walls lined with shiny degrees. We're a very small operation, and we wanted the backbone of our brand to be known for customer service, and offering quality, one of a kind, graphic tees that showcase your individualism. 

We took a giant step starting this brand two years ago in a small apartment in Las Vegas, not knowing if anything would ever come out of it. Thanks to our loyal customers (read: friends), we're making big strides in a densely overpopulated market. For that, we owe you everything. 

Thank you for being a part of something great, that we hold near and dear to our hearts. As a thank you, for a great year, and ushering in good vibes for 2018, we're offering 20% off your entire order to anyone that reads this entry. 

To activate your coupon code, simply enter "AKLOVE" at checkout. 

Hope everyone has a safe, and unforgettable new year. Be blessed.

-Scott Walker
CEO / Co-Founder




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